Privacy policy

Maslog Oy has agreed to guard the information provided by you. We only collect information that helps us to better understand and serve our customers. If you wish, you can delete the saving of your information from the settings of your browser. 

Keeper of the Register
Maslog Oy
Business ID: 2861962-2
Address: Tuottajantie 39, 60200 SEINÄJOKI.
Telephone: +358 50 3248 332

Person in Charge of the Register
Sarianne Nikko, Marketing Manager

Purpose for the Collection of Personal Data
The purpose for the collection of the personal data is the taking care of customer relationships. The data collected is used in the communications, marketing and sales activities of the company. Data is collected from the person registered and from public sources accordingly to the Data Protection Act. 

Use of the Personal Data
Maslog Oy can use third parties in managing the data, for example regarding IT and marketing. Maslog Oy ensures the legitimate handling of the data with contractual arrangements. Data is managed only by the commission of and on behalf of Maslog Oy. 

Storing of the Data
Maslog Oy stores the personal data only for the time necessary. The information is saved in password-protected environments and only the people working at the customer interface have access to it. The people registered have the right to check, change or restrict their information and the handling of it by notifying the person in charge of the register in writing. The contact information can be found in the beginning of this document. The person registered can also request the deleting of their information. 

Maslog Oy utilizes analytics when collecting data of the use of the web page. The identities of the visitors remain anonymous. Analytics can be saved and utilized by third parties. 

Maslog’s web page uses cookies. A cookie is usually a small text file that your browser saves to your main device in order to identify and re-identify the user. The text document includes a small amount of data that the internet browser can read when you revisit the page. We always respect the privacy of the users and never save information where the user could be identified to our cookies. The identification of the user based on cookies is not possible. 

Blocking Cookies
If you wish, you can manage to what extent the cookies are used and advertising is targeted. You can block cookies by managing the settings of your browser. 

Changes to the Privacy Policy
Maslog Oy can change these policies without a separate notification. Maslog Oy commits to keeping this document up-to-date, and the operative policies can be found from this document.