A passion for electric intelligence

| The story behind Maslog

We are a Finnish, innovative new generation company that designs and develops electrically assisted power lines. Our company was founded in 2017 and our first product is the world’s first electric assisted and patented pallet jack Maslog Power Pallet Jack.

“It was December 2016. On a windy winter morning, I saw the driver of the Runway Line pulling the pallet jack behind him through the loose snow. A pallet of over a thousand kilos of copy paper is really heavy in those conditions and luckily the driver had another guy with him to help.

That is when I realized that we needed an electrically assisted solution. I started Googling the issue without finding any information about it. That is when I decided to start developing our electric power line.” – Juha-Pekka Rintamäki, Founder, Chairman of the Board, Maslog Oy.

“We want to offer workers a better way to work. We are sure that in the future, intelligence will replace power.“

– Maslog Team

| The cornerstones of our work

Our work is guided by four fundamental pillars. They keep our wheels turning day after day.

| Safety

Improving safety at work is one of our top priorities and we are working towards a safer tomorrow. Thanks to our electrically assisted power line, accidents at work are reduced and workers are happy.

Using the Power Pallet Jack to move heavy load
Using the Power Pallet Jack to move heavy load

Ergonomics |

Work-related physical strain, poor working postures, and fatigue all contribute to accidents at work. We work for better ergonomics and well-being at work!

| Decrease sick leaves

Better work safety and ergonomics have a direct influence on the number of sick leaves. Each decreased day of sick leave affects companies and society as a whole. Power Pallet Jack is an investment in the company’s most important asset – personnel!

Using the Power Pallet Jack to move heavy load
Close up of the Power Pallet Jack

Finnish quality |

High-quality from Finland. From development to production, all our operations are the product of Finnish work. Our technology is also designed to withstand varying conditions.