Power pallet Jack


| How will a Power Pallet Jack revolutionize the way you work?

The Power Pallet Jack combines all the cornerstones of efficient and safe working: ergonomics, electronic intelligence, and ease of use. The Power Pallet Jack’s uniqueness is based on the electrically-assisted power line that we have developed. The electric assist makes moving heavy loads easy and fast. At the same time, it eases the physical strain on workers, and reduces sick leave and accidents at work. The workplace can therefore concentrate on what really matters – getting the job done.

Power Pallet Jack is ideal for a wide range of situations and applications. It can be used in delivery trucks, terminals, factories, warehouses, and shops. The Power Pallet Jack can also be used like a traditional pallet jack with the electric assist switched off. However, the Power Pallet Jack is anything but a traditional pallet jack. It takes the way of working to a whole new level.

| When Intelligence replaces power

Our power line is smart, with all unnecessary components minimized. Power recognition analyses the need for assistance, activating the necessary amount of electrical assistance to facilitate load transfer. Data transmission between the power recognition and the control unit is simple and clear – without interference.

Improving safety at work is one of our top priorities and we are working towards a safer tomorrow. Thanks to our electrically assisted power line, accidents at work are reduced and workers are happy.

Work-related physical strain, poor working postures, and fatigue all contribute to accidents at work. We work for better ergonomics and well-being at work!

High-quality from Finland. From development to production, all our operations are the product of Finnish work. Our technology is also designed to withstand varying conditions.

All-inclusive monthly installment

Work safely with electric-assisted technology for less than €4 a day!

Make your neighbors jealous and invest in the technology of the future. At the same time, you will invest in efficiency, speed, ergonomics, and safety for your workers. You can have this all for just a few euros a day! Doesn’t this sound irresistible?

| Electric assisted vs. Electric powered

Welcome to the era of electric assisted technology! We have put the main differences between electric assisted and electric powered technologies together. You can compare the differences by simply moving the scroll bar.

Power Pallet Jack Infograph in English

| The technical details of the Power Pallet Jack

Here you can find out more about our Power Pallet Jack!

The engine of the Power Pallet Jack is located on the wheels of the pallet jack. The energy-efficient electric motor solution is designed to make the operator’s job easier.
The battery is located in the support bracket of the frame. The Li-ion battery is durable and can be easily recharged with the supplied charger. Charging only takes a few hours!
The Power Pallet Jack is serviced through Maslog Oy’s authorized service network. Maintenance is always carried out by trained and certified mechanics.

Transport and lifting capacity: 2300 kg

Lifting height: 200 mm

Motor power: 2×1 kW

Motor torque: 2×20 Nm

Battery capacity: one (1) week of very active use. In heavy use, the battery will last approximately two (2) weeks of normal use. 

Charging time: 3h 0-100%.

Fork width: 520 mm (available in 685 mm)

Fork length: 1150 mm (available from 600 to 3500 mm)

Weight: 80 kg

Frame: Maslog force detection

Color: powder-coated black

Aisle: integrated force sensing

Standard accessories: charger and user manual

Warranty: motor technology 1 year

Comparison: no difference in external dimensions compared to a standard pump trolley

| Questions and answers

Use of the device

  1. How is the electric pallet jack used
    1. The electric assist is activated by a push button on the forklift handle. The button is held down and either pulled or pushed. The forklift has a power recognition sensor in the forklift axle that measures the power applied to the axle as well as the direction. Operation is very easy and requires no training.
  2. When should you use electric assistance?
    1. Power recognition controls the motors to assist the operator. Generally, the greatest need is for starting and stopping. When the load is in motion, the assistance may not be needed. A moving load is easy to move and steer with muscle power, and in this case, the battery even regenerates itself. Of course, assistance can be used continuously.
  3. Can the device be used without assistance?
    1. Yes. The device can be used just like a normal pallet jack, completely without electricity. This is a really useful feature if, for example, the battery runs out.

Speed and braking

  1. How fast can the device go?
    1. Top speed limited to 4.5km/h.
  1. How does the device brake?
    1. Braking is done in the same way as with a normal pallet jack, i.e. by turning the axle in the opposite direction. By pressing the assist button on the bottom and turning the fork in the opposite direction, the braking is assisted, meaning that it stops very quickly. Changing direction is also quick and effortless.

Battery and charging

  1. What kind of battery does the device use?
    1. The device has a modern lithium-ion battery.
  1. How long will the battery last in use?
    1. The battery lasts approximately 8 hours with continuous assistance, which in reality means 1-2 weeks of normal working use.
  1. How is the device charged?
    1. Charging is done using the main charger supplied with the device. Charging should always be done in a dry, warm place (+5°C).
  1. How long does it take to charge the battery?
    1. Charging from empty to full takes approximately 3 hours.

Physical features

  1. Can the device withstand cold temperatures?
    1. In cold conditions, the battery capacity of the device drops slightly, depending on the temperature and the time of use. The frame itself is not affected by the cold. The device is designed to work best in warm indoor conditions (+10°C).
  1. Can the pallet jack be stored in a delivery van in winter?
    1. Yes, it can. However, it is important that charging is always carried out in a warm room with a temperature above +5°C. This requirement applies to all lithium-ion batteries.
  1. How much does an electric assisted pallet jack weigh?
    1. The weight is only 80kg! Our technology only adds about 15kg to the weight of a standard pallet jack.

Maintenance of the device

  1. What maintenance does a pallet jack require?
    1. The Power Pallet Jack is technically maintenance-free. The frame should be greased and cleaned regularly, but no other maintenance is required by the user.
  1. Can the pallet jack be washed?
    1. The unit is IP 44 protected, i.e. splash-proof. The unit is typically cleaned with a damp cloth. Forks can be washed with running water. Do NOT wash the axle, support column and motors (large wheels) with running water or immerse them in water!
  1. What is the warranty?
    1. Maslog technology is guaranteed for 1 year. If a fault occurs during the warranty period, what do we do? Service requests are handled directly by Maslog. In the event of a failure, Maslog Ltd will service the equipment on site or take the equipment in for service and return it to the customer within a short timeframe, if possible.

Commercial affairs

  1. What models are available?
    1. Currently, a standard size pallet jack with a fork length of 1150mm and a fork width of 520mm is available. Special lengths from 600 to 3500mm and a special width of 685mm are also available. For special pallet jack sizes, both delivery time and price vary. See the collection and contact: sales@maslog.com
  2. How can I get a quote?
    1. Please send us a request for a quotation.
  3. What is the delivery time?
    1. The delivery time for the standard model is approximately 1 week, regardless of the time of order. For special sizes, approx. 3 months.
  4. Who is the typical end user of the product?
    1. The product is suitable for almost any location where a pallet jack, forklift truck, or forklift is used. Customers include hardware stores, grocery stores, logistics centers, transport companies, and various manufacturing plants.
  5. What warranty and sales conditions apply?
    1. We apply the General Terms and Conditions of Warranty and Sale of the Technical Trade to the sale of our products.

In case of failure

  1. The device has switched itself off, what should I do?
    The appliance has a time-out function that switches off the power if the product has not been used for 15 minutes. The device is reactivated by turning it on again.

2. The device is not working properly, what do I do?
Turn the device off and turn it on again. Make sure that the device has power – Charge for 3 hours.

If these measures do not help, please contact Maslog Customer Service: sales@maslog.com / 050 5432 874

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