Maslog Power Line

We thought it up differently. Our unique Power Line is a future innovation when it comes to using electric assisted mobility for professional use. It is proof of Finnish quality and professionalism.

| Intelligence changes the game

Our power line is smart, with all unnecessary components minimized. Power recognition analyses the need for assistance, activating the necessary amount of electrical assistance to facilitate load transfer. Data transmission between the power recognition and the control unit is simple and clear – without interference.

The electrical assistance is fully integrated into our products and is easy to switch on. This makes our power line user-friendly and safe to operate. At the same time, it supports better work ergonomics. Our intelligent power line can be used in machines and equipment in areas such as logistics, load handling, and healthcare. Join us in the era of electric assisted mobility!

Close up of the Power Pallet Jack
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| Energy efficiency is key

You need power to be efficient. With our smart power line technology, electrical assistance only kicks in when it is needed. We have paid special attention to the power budget of the components, thus minimizing the power consumption of the power line.

Our power line technology is an energy-efficient package, where power recognition controls the motors to assist the worker. Physical strain and the risk of accidents are significantly reduced, allowing the workplace to concentrate on what matters – getting the job done.

Close up of the Power Pallet Jack