When Intelligence replaces power

| Maslog is the new normal

Are you ready to enter a new era with us? Working efficiently and safely does not require pure strength. It requires pure intelligence – and we definitely have that. Make your neighbors jealous and invest in the technology of the future. Electric assisted technology is the new normal.

We design and develop electric assisted technology to make work efficient, safe, and ergonomic. Our Power Pallet Jack is the new normal for moving heavy stuff – the world’s first patented electrically assisted pallet jack. All you need to do is push a button and after that your world will be revolutionized. The idea of moving heavy stuff and working is never the same again. So easy and so simple!

| Power Pallet Jack in a nutshell

Heavy work requires heavy fun and, above all, safe tools. Power Pallet Jack is the world’s first patented electric-assisted pallet jack with patented steering technology. Finnish quality in a steel frame.


Electric assisted technology speeds up the transfer of heavy loads and eases the physical strain on workers. Sick leaves and accidents are reduced and instead you can focus on what matters – getting the job done. In addition, electric assisted technology is a better alternative to electric powered technology in terms of battery life and environmental impact. Say goodbye to traditional pallet jacks, and join us for a more efficient and safer tomorrow!

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Very light and easy to work with - less muscle pain, less sick leave

Iiro Takala

Retailer, Seinäjoki

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This will become the new normal in store logistics

Olli Pehkonen

Retailer, Päivolä

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he device was perfect for our use and literally lightened the workload!

Samuli Salmela


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Great product, I wouldn’t give it away!

Seija Myllymäki

Administration & Sales Assistant

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he device is perfectly to the needs of production and warehousing due to its ease of use, long battery life, and reliability

Harri Heiskanen

Production Manager, Mustasaari

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A successful and great innovation

Tuomo Pircklén

Logistics Manager, Vantaa

Mattiovi logo

Moving heavy loads is now much easier. It was also handy to have the device in a special length

Joni Kosonen

Production Manager, Alavus

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