Did U know…

Did U know…

That Power Pallet Jack is a completely Finnish product?

Supported by Finnish innovation for power assistance in professional use. Maslog Powerline is a new generation technology forerunner for work safety and good work ergonomics.

The Power Pallet Jack looks like any other normal pallet jack, but the handle and structure contain customized Finnish designed electronics.

The Power Pallet Jack comes in a stylish powder painted black, making it the most elegant pallet jack in the market.

The secret of the Maslog powerline is the communication between the user and the pallet jack. The power transfer has been minimalized by locating the motor inside the wheel.

Maslog’s powerline technology is a completely Finnish design made from a Finnish steel structure.

The Power Pallet Jack’s powerline technology has been customised for the best pallet jack structure  on the market, the Toyota BT lifter. The BT lifter is manufactured in Sweden from Finnish steel.

The Power Pallet Jack Works as a normal pallet jack when the power assistance is switched off.

The domestic content of the Power Pallet Jack is very high.

We are very proud to say that our product employs Finnish workers!


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The patent covers all electric assisted vechicles and devices applied with the combination of electric motors inside wheels and force