The world’s first power pallet jack, with patented control technology.
Top Finnish design made from Finnish steel.


Maslog’s revolutionary power assisted powerline technology makes moving heavy loads easy and simple. The electric intelligence recognizes the need of assistance, and therefore works as a helper to move heavy loads.


Power Pallet Jack by Maslog is 100% Finnish design. The Power Pallet Jack’s structure is produced in Sweden, using Finnish steel. All assembly work is done in Finland.
Proud to be a Finn!


The Power Pallet Jack’s electric assinstance is a highly ergonomic product, which saves the users muscles.
The power assistace minimalizes the risk of work accidents and injuries.


Maslog Power Pallet Jack has been designed for the safety its users. The pallet jack’s power assistance makes the movement of heavy loads easy and light. The power assistance also acts as a brake when the handle is turned in the opposite direction.


Delivery trucks, terminals, factories, warehouses, shops etc.
The power pallet jack works as a regular pallet jack when power assistance is switched off.
The power assistance is completely integrated, making it very easy to use.


The innovative Maslog powerline technology is pure Scandinavian high-quality work. Finnish technology made from Finnish steel.
Permanent magnet motors are located inside Power Pallet Jack’s wheels.
It is an energy saving, motor solution designed to make your work easier.


The batteries are locaed at the base the handle’s support triangle.
The long-lasting Li-ion battery is easy to charge. The Power Pallet Jack includes its own charger.
The charging time is about two hours.


The control panel on the shaft is clear and easy to use. The control panel has easy to read led-lit start and battery level indications.


It is possible to make a service contract, with all service undertaken by Maslog’s authorized network. Service is always performed by fully trained and certified mechanics.


lift capacity: 2,300 kg 

max. lift height: 200 mm

battery capacity: ~ 8 hrs continuous assistance

charging time: ~2 hr quick load

fork width:  520 mm

fork length:   1,150 mm

structure: Toyota BT lifter

colour: powder painted black

handle: standard handle with strenght recognition 

control unit: LED-lit control panel

standard equipment: charger, instrucation manual

guarantee: structure 99 years, engine electronics 1 year

comparision: no difference in outward appearance compared to an original pallet jack

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