Maslog-engine technology uses are unlimited.

A Finnish company designs and develops electric Maslog-powerline. Maslog engine technology uses are unlimited: generators, pumps, machines, appliances like woodchippers, diggers, lawnmowers, kicksledges, forklifts, pallet jacks and also in health care industry, wheelchairs, rollators etc.

Pallet jack was launched at the logistic trade show in Helsinki 9.5.2019

Visitors were able to test the functionality, strength and dexterity on a ramp.

Power Pallet Jack by Maslog (pat.pend.)

The power pallet jack is equipped with Maslogs incomparable technique and it is the most performable and functional pallet jack on the market. The power pallet jack recognizes and follows the user’s movements. It is light and dexterous to use, reliable and easy to charge. The use of a pallet jack doesn´t require any superman strength anymore even when moving heavy objects, as the electric intelligence works as a fluent help.

  • Beam: standard handle with strength recognition
  • Fork width: 520 mm 
  • Fork length: 1150 mm
  • Lift ability: 2300 kg
  • Lift height: 200 mm
  • Fully integrated assistance technique
  • Compared to a traditional pallet jack: no difference in measurements, weight difference is marginal.
  • Engine power is approximately 2000 watts
  • The battery capacity enables 8 hours constant assistance, which means many workdays in delivery truck use.

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